# 825: Bannerstone. 4" x 2 1/4" Notched Wing Banner. Made from a beautiful piece of Green Banded Slate, this Banner was reported found in Northern Henry Co, Indianna. It appears to be a single notched type, with great shape and patination. Numerous mineral deposits show, making this a no-brainer.

825 c
825 a
825 b
Unfortunately there is some damage to the end of both wings + it looks as if someone has applied some type of sealer or stabilizing agent to these areas. There appears to be mineralization in this damage, which leads me to believe it is old damage. More high resolution pics are available on request. X collection of Steve Olenick, I recently obtained this Banner from Shirley Denham.    
# 768: Bannerstone. 4 5/8" x 1 7/8" Notched Wing Bannerstone. Made from green banded slate and reported found in Union Co. Ohio. Well made and with very minor damage to the end of 1 wing (pictured) this Banner is a nice example of the type. Includes COA by Jerry Dickey and is ex William Buckley Collection. Jerry mentions on the COA " The hole appears to be old but has been subjected to abrasive cleaning methods". There is great patina and mineral deposits on the entire piece, perhaps a wire brush was used to clean the hole. Beautiful well made Banner.
Jerry graded it a G-7 on his COA dated 8-29-07.

768 b
768 a
# 825: Notched Wing Banner
# 768: Notched Wing Banner

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