# 228: 7 1/4" x 2 1/2" 3/4 Groove Axe. A large Archaic Axe, made from a very dense green stone, possibly Diorite. Found in Kent Co Mi, this is an ex Cameron Parks axe, with his mark near the bit. The bit does have some damage, but it appears old as it is patinated over.

# 794: Fluted 3/4 Groove Axe
# 741: 3/4 Groove Axe
# 228: 3/4 Groove Axe

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# 794b
# 794a
# 794: 4 1/2" x 3" Fluted 3/4 Groove Axe. Made from a quartz filled hard stone, this axe was found in Whitley Co, Ky.and is Ex Rist Family Collection. It is well formed and has no damage. This axe has been smoothed by use in the haft and at the bit but has not been polished. It has a shallow flute running from the poll to the bit, and will stand upright for display. Nice axe, great material. This axe had info painted in red on one side, I cleaned most of it off. To me, that's like taking your new car
# 228b
# 228a
# 741: 6 1/4" x 4" 3/4 Groove Axe. Made from salt and pepper Granite with an interesting vein of Green Quartz running thru the entire axe (visible in the close up pic of the bit and in the top view), this axe was found in Indiana by Floyd Licklider. More recently from the collections of Charles and Darrell Largen, I got this axe from my good friend Todd Walterspaugh of Allpointscovered.com, who got it directly from Darrell Largen. This axe has a use polished bit and hafting groove, both of which are in great
condition. You can tell it was brought up by the plow as there are some scratches evident, but the damage is minor and detracts little from the beauty of this piece. This axe will sit on its own, but leans a little. A nice axe with good size and history to the finder. The best kind!
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and painting your name across the side. A little sign is sufficient, this was a billboard !

 Very flat on the "bottom", but it is kind of off centered and sits with a lean. Great use polish in the haft and on the bit. A decent large axe from an old, well known collection.    

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