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# 632: 4.028" x 1.371" Angostura. Made from a light pink fossil chert and reported found in Henderson Co, IL. This piece is double papered and it seems the only thing they agreed on was the fact that it is indeed AUTHENTIC ! Davis paper from 1998 as an Agate Basin, G-8, 4" x 1 3/8" and called Burlington. Roy Motley paper from 2006, 4 1/8" x 15/16" (an obvious typo), Roy papered it as a Karnak made from Strawberry Chert. This  piece is VERY WELL MADE, but has absolutely NO GRINDING on the base or lateral edges. It was also the subject of an article on the old online newspaper, ANON, which the Flomings put out. Sure miss that site AND ESPECIALLY the Flomings. Anyway, it has been looked at by quite a few people and the general consensus on typology is Angostura. If you want to buy it, you can call it an Agate Basin, a Karnak, or an Axe if you want, lol. Beautiful thin piece with no damage, my caliper never reaches 5/16".                                    $700 now $650
#632 - Angostura
#632 - Angostura
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