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# 934 + 935
Sedalia Pair !

Here we have a really nice pair of Sedalia points. Both were found on the same registered site in Pettis County Mo. by the site owner. His initials can be seen on both pieces, and from the looks of them, they may well have been made by the same ancient Amerind also.

I thought both had been papered by Roy Motley, but as I look thru the COA book I only find 1 COA and it has incorrect information.

The paper is for # 934, and there is no doubt BOTH are ancient, but the COA is definitely incorrect.

Anyway, they measure 4 7/16" and 4 5/8" respectively. Both are thin + well made with no damage to speak of.

I have them priced at $250 each on the stickers, but I'll drop that to $225 EACH. Or, if you want to buy the pair (I really think they belong together) I'll drop the price to
$425 !

934 & 935 Sedalaia Pair
934 & 935 Sedalaia Pair