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# 465.   3 15/16" x 1 7/16" Dovetail.

This 1 is pretty special ! The only find info I was able to obtain is Kentucky. It is made from a piece of brown Dover chert according to Roy Motley's COA in my name, dated 08-25-07. What makes this one so cool is the fact that it was once in the famed Early Townsend Jr. Collection, and Earl signed the Dove + put his collection number on it ! There is clear fingernail polish over the signature to preserve it.  
Mr. Townsend had some of the finest Doves known, but like so many of them this one has a small bit of restoration. As I have shown in the 1 picture, approx. ΒΌ inch of 1 barb has been professionally restored. It does not detract from this piece at all and is barely noticeable in hand. The Townsend collection has been dispersed thru several auctions, with at least 1 more coming soon.

Some of those Dovetails went for CRAZY high money ! I bought this 1 from my friend Todd Walterspaugh before Mr. Townsend passed away and I have kept it in my Dove frame since that time. I think it's time for it to go to new home as I am trying to keep only closer to home found pieces. If you are a Dovetail collector, here is your chance to own a fine Dovetail from 1 of the most well known Collections in the country
.        $400

#465 Dovetail
#465 Dovetail corner Restoration