# 601 Randolph Co IL - Dovetail
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# 601 Randolph Co IL - Dovetail
# 601  -  3 15/16" x 1 ½" Dovetail

Made from a light tan Burlington + reported found in Randolph Co. IL, this is an excellent Dovetail ! Light beveling + HEAVY grinding accent the "hip-roof" style base.

This Dove has a Motley COA in my name dated 07-20-08. Written on the piece is previous collector info, I suspect it is Bob Rampani's writing as it once resided in his collection. One side says " Kamp Cr.   Evansville ILL.  (Ziffel) "    I suspect that is the name of the original finder and the find location he gave when he sold it. The other side has the county of find and a personal collection number. I am sure this could be removed if you wanted to, I chose to leave it. It is also an Ex. Steve Lee piece.

Included is a J.C. Floming COA, but no paper is actually needed on this GREAT OLD Dovetail !
  Just a superb Dovetail with no problems or modern tampering.