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# 986 Dovetail - Flaking
# 986 Dovetail
# 986. Pike Co. IL Dovetail.  

4" x 1 7/16" of pure Dovetail Paradise ! 
This beauty was reported found in Pike County, Illinois + has a COA from Roy Motley in my name, dated  03-22-2011. According to that paper this piece was found in the 1950's by E. H. Harmon and is Ex. David Church, Ex. Dennis DeRosear collections.
I acquired this Beautiful Dovetail from Dennis at the Collinsville show that year (2011). Very well made from a colorful piece of Burlington chert, this beautiful Dovetail has extremely smooth basal grinding, and medium beveling due to ancient resharpening. 

Always 100% GUARANTEED AUTHENTIC.  $ 875.00
# 986 Dovetail - Tip Bevel